Carpet Recycling for both residential
and commercial clients

FloorPartners is now starting to offer carpet recycling. For the residential market we come out and lay the new carpet you have bought from us and then we can recycle most old carpets.

For the commercial market and flooring companies selling carpet, FloorPartners has a new program to help you out. Carpet waste that ends up in the dump is bad news for the environment. To help get more and more carpet out of our landfills, FloorPartners has a new recycling program. We are offering trailers to carpet sellers and some commercial clients. You just fill the trailer with the old carpets and we come and haul it off to our recycling company. This helps the environment, helps you build respect for the earth conscious consumers and also build your business.

To learn more about this program, fill out the form and ask us how you can get started.


PLEASE NOTE: Recycling carpet is not free; there is a cost associated.  It is a multi-component product that requires handling, sorting, distribution by fiber type to different places, and breaking down backing systems and carpet, etc. It defers carpet from your dumpster, keeping your cost down and also diverts from landfills. We will haul off carpet from projects Floor Partners is working on or clients can bring in carpet by the truck or trailer. (No contaminated carpet from being left out outside please, manufacturers will not accept.)